Meet the associative businesses and knowledge institutions providing a valued network of support

These are our associative collaborative partners:

With the head office located in Arnhem, Netherlands, CRV is the leading herd improvement company in the world with offices and barns in The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, the Czech Republic and Spain. CRV also exports semen to about 50 other countries through a loyal distributors network.

Hunland specializes in importing and exporting livestock. In collaboration with skilled stock-breeders, the market leader in cattle trade offers a complete solution thanks to the company’s global network and their own vehicles, as well as veterinary experts.

Schils, part of the VanDrie Group
Schils is one of the larger producers of calf milk substitutes and animal feed within the VanDrie Group with customers all around the world. Their advanced and unique Tracking & Tracing system (SAP) guarantees full traceability and product quality.

Smits Veldhoven
Smits from Veldhoven is specialist in water management for agriculture and horticulture. Ever since 1966, the family business has been involved in water management; including sprinkling, delivering water or drilling. Their solutions are based on solid advice, a well thought-out design and involved follow-up care.

Nordwin College
Although Nordwin College provides vocational education for pupils from 16 –22 years of age in all fields of agricultural business, their main focus is on dairy processing and dairy technology. As education partner in the Dutch Dairy Chain, Nordwin College has the intention to provide practical skills and all theory that is the fundament of the daily practice in dairy factories.

Wageningen University & Research
WUR research institute Wageningen Livestock Research offers fundamental, innovative research and practical solutions for sustainable and profitable livestock farming. The researchers translate their scientific knowledge into practical solutions in the area of livestock farming systems, nutrition, genetics, animal welfare, and the impact of domestic animals on the environment.

University of Peradeniya
The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya is the pioneer institute responsible for higher education in agriculture in Sri Lanka. It is the oldest, largest and most dynamic Faculty of Agriculture in the country with eight academic departments and support of outreach activities with practical training.