Sri Lanka wants to create a self-sustaining dairy industry by 2020 – a great opportunity for the local dairy sector to innovate and grow. Sri Lankan Dutch Dairy Solutions is a group of Dutch dairy experts and knowledge institutions supported by the Dutch government. By sharing knowledge, insights and technology with local dairy partners, we want to help Sri Lanka move toward self-sufficient, high-quality dairy production. So let’s join forces and unlock Sri Lanka’s dairy potential together!

Towards self-sufficient dairy production
The Sri Lankan dairy sector is facing both a great challenge and a great opportunity: developing self-sufficient, first-rate dairy production by 2020. We believe that by using an integrated approach, and by focusing on education and training, we can help upgrade the entire dairy chain and boost the Sri Lankan rural economy as a whole.

Sharing, experiencing and learning
Our experienced dairy experts are planning to develop a hands-on training centre and a dairy village.
It’s all about sharing knowledge, technologies and best practices. We are creating a hands-on Dairy Training Centre, with a large self-supporting demo farm. This way, we can easily share practical know-how with local dairy players. We can then apply the latest techniques and equipment to better understand animal husbandry, breeding, feeding and milking.

Why team up?
Dairy producers all face similar challenges around animal welfare, farm profitability, food safety and work efficiency. Sri Lankan Dutch Dairy Solutions offers proven innovations for the whole chain – from pre-harvest to post-harvest – all tailored to the needs of the Sri Lankan dairy sector. This includes high-quality animals, breeding services, roughage and animal nutrition, herd management, agricultural machinery, farm and stable construction, milking machines, cooling and storage solutions, and dairy processing equipment. Our mutual ambition? Sharing knowledge, insights and technology to help you unlock Sri Lanka’s major dairy potential.

Why the Dutch?
Before becoming a leading country in dairy production, the Netherlands was confronted by the same challenges now facing Sri Lanka. In this process, we discovered that for us simply building more farms, or mega farms, with a 1000 plus cows – as in the U.S., Australia and Brazil – was not the future. We came to the realization that the strength of our dairy industry was in the development of family farms. Recognizing this is what has defined our success. It’s all about finding the right balance between acquiring the latest techniques and materials, and coming to the right solutions. Sri Lanka and the Netherlands have a track record of working together successfully in the dairy sector. We would like to continue this tradition, and to help Sri Lanka develop a sustainable, self-sufficient dairy sector.